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Jinxe's Podcast Picks: Turing test and the press, tetris and forensic history

On the Media had a very interesting segment on how the reporting for the chatbot passing the Turing test. Mike Masnick talks about the fact that there has been someone who has passed the test before. He also puts the blame on Professor Kevin Warwick who released the press release and has a history of making crazy claims.


Tetris had its thirtieth this past week and On The Media celebrates it by re-airing an interview with the creator: Alexey Pajitnov. On the 25th anniversary they spoke to him about what he was doing to come up for Tetris.

And last but not least, Frances Glessner Lee and how she revolutionized forensics. Her love for books like Sherlock Holmes led to a passion for having meals with detectives and learning about crime. She eventually used money to help found a forensic department for Harvard and also hosted a seminar on crime scenes using dioramas that she put together.

Lee is a fascinating woman and the podcast on her was very interesting to listen to if you have half an hour. If you're interested in seeing some of the crime scene dioramas she put together, you can visit: Death in Diorama.

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