Their stuff is fun to eat, so you giddily wolf it down, but it has next to no nutritional value and a couple hours later, as you are laying there trying to digest it, it rolls around in your stomach like a giant grease ball and makes you feel like shit.

Last hour addendum: Abrams and Lindelof are anti-Whedons.

Joss is a writer and director who takes the time to infuse pop culture with depth. We see a pathos that's very real. Somehow he is able to make us have fun, but give us some heavy shit to think about. When you dig in, you have to face some real hard facts about the human condition. That may be why he often kills people you like. His entertainment comes with a price.


Contrasting with this, Abrams and Lindelof consistently give the illusion of depth. They want to make you think you are experiencing something important but it isn't. When you really take a good look into the over-sized box after you've swallowed all their colorful Jujubes and 3 Alarm Hot Tamales, all that is left is a sticky residue of nothingness.

Whedon gives you existentialism; the other two give you a donkey wheel: