Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

This one was too good not to share given the holidays.

So for those who don't know who John Legere is, he's the CEO of T-Mobile and is the man responsible for seemingly turning the cell phone carriers around overnight with his Uncarrier ideas for T-Mobile that have forced the other big three to change as a result (lowering prices, removing contracts sorta and numerous other things and there's plenty more to come).


Actually no, John Legere is not the CEO of a company who we kinda can't live without their services in this day and age. John Legere is a dude. A bro. Etc etc etc.

You know your uncle who does not hesitate to call "bullshit" when he sees it and who is brash and hilarious and just generally awesome to be around and you can talk to him anytime you need to about anything that's on your mind? John Legere is that uncle.

You have a question you want to direct at the CEO of a company and actually get a response written by him? Direct it to him on Twitter and he will personally reply, day or night.

Also, how hilarious is the ornament of himself on the tree? Saw it this morning and cracked up. First laugh of the day.

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