According to this article, he's voiced interest in returning and really, can you imagine anyone else doing it? He'd be the factor (production-wise) all the films would have in common with one another.

But, he's currently 81 and with the release of the trilogy being so far away, there might be a chance (god forbid) that he might not be able to do it (he would be around 88 when it came time to score Episode IX).  If this were ever the case, Abrams would most likely just give the gig to his go-to guy,  Michael Giacchino, however, let's have a little fun here:

I ask this hypothetical: If you could choose any composer to score the new trilogy, who would it be?

As for me? My choice would be Jeremy Soule — known as the John Williams of video games,  you might know him as the guy who composed the soundtrack to Skyrim (he's been doing them since Morrowind).  He also composed the music to Knights of the Old Republic (so he has the Star Wars experence). Lack of film experience aside, the guy can compose- and I feel like the Skyrim Soundtrack is the perfect argument to this (listen to "Watch the Skies" and imagine a lightsaber battle being fought along its tempo). Or maybe I've just been playing too much Skyrim...

Leave your choices in the comments!