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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled Joseph Gordon-Levitt voicing the lead in Miyazakis The Wind Rises


Miyazaki fan Gordon-Levitt told USA Today, "What I love about acting is becoming somebody else, and when you're just doing the voice and the animation is providing the visuals, you can really become someone else."

Gordon-Levitt feels The Wind Rises is "clearly the work of someone who's a master at their craft." And instead of imaginary creatures and worlds, "this one is more grounded in human beings and a historical moment in time," Gordon-Levitt says. However, "there's still a flavor of magic in it as you go inside the mind of this aeronautics engineer and you see him walking on the wings of airplanes in his dream."


I am looking forward to this dub now with all the voice cast names released. Disney does a great job casting for the English release of the Miyazaki movies. Here is the full voice cast for the movie:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt — main character Jiro Horikoshi

Emily Blunt — love interest Nahoko Satomi

John Krasinski — Honjo, Jiro's college pal and fellow aviation engineer

Martin Short — Kurokawa, Jiro's grumpy boss

Stanley Tucci — Caproni, Italian airplane creator

Mandy Patinkin — Hattori, senior designer at Mitsubishi

William H. Macy — Satomi, Nahoko's father

Werner Herzog — the mysterious Castorp

Mae Whitman — Kayo, Jiro's younger sister, as well as Kinu, Nahoko's caretaker

Jennifer Grey — Mrs. Kurokawa

Darren Criss — Katayama, one of Jiro's engineering colleagues

Elijah Wood — Sone, another of Jiro's colleagues

Ronan Farrow — Mitsubishi employee

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