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Jump To Lightspeed - Friday Open Thread

Welcome back to the Friday Open Thread, where the Empire rules supreme.

This week saw the release of Rogue One and it was nothing short of amazing, with yours truly already having seen it twice. The film is everything the prequels could have been, with Darth Vader being more menacing in <5 minutes of screentime than the 5 hours of whiny Anakin. You can read some more of my thoughts here (warning there are spoilers http://observationdeck.kinja.com/rogue-one-is-the-least-star-wars-film-ever-made-and-th-1790126172). Also today sees the release of the second season of Man In The High Castle which is one of my favourite new shows of last year and I can’t wait to see where it goes next..


For the weekend I plan to go ahead and watch Rogue One yet again and watch High Castle while also getting some work done

So over to you, what do you have planned for the weekend? What were your thoughts of Rogue One if you saw it? Do you plan to watch/rewatch it? As usual put that and anything else you like down below.

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