...into the Hell of pretty looking movies and meandering plotlines. SPOILERS AHEAD.

There is just so, so many things about this movie that bothers me. About how it doesn't make sense for a person to hijack a spacecraft and seemingly survive space travel, topless, only to need a space suit later on.

And how did he figure out where to jump so he can board a stealth spaceship?

Or how about the love is unearned (so what, this person saves you, and suddenly, without reason, you fall in love with him? )

And why do the siblings seems to care so much about the titular character until they don't? (so what is the most valuable resource of all? Time? The big bad baddie don't think so. Money? Title? A hug?)

But I think for the most part, it bothers me to see a movie that has obvious details and characters thought out, that has history written into the space suit, the palace and ship's design can fail.


Unless of course, somebody read Moebius comics in its original language while drunk using Google translate and used that as inspiration.

Things I like: The combat space ships and mecha are taken straight from video games with their suspended, disconnected wings and guns.


Netflix the hell out of this one, the story is meh, the framing and mise en scene is predictable, the dialogues are just a step above SW I, only reason I watched it is because of the visual effects. Which is very, very good.