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I saw this on The Awl and I wished I had written it. The author goes on about how the movie blew her 8-year old mind and how she has the whole movie memorized and is now completely obsessed with movie and dinosaurs and the "Triforce of Science."

It's nominally about dinosaurs, so it's already starting light years ahead of most movies (what I wouldn't give for more tyrannosaurs in romantic comedies, for instance). But underneath that layer of awesomeness, it's a parable about what I call the Triforce of Science. This Triforce is not exactly wisdom, courage, and power, but it's actually not far off: it's theory, empiricism, and money. As in Hyrule, each viewpoint brings its own prejudices to the table—and this literally goes down around a table in Jurassic Park. Over plates of Chilean sea bass, the characters lock horns like Triceratops over the very nature of science.

I wish the movie the had this much of an impact on my childhood (and had me memorize all the lines) was Jurassic Park but it is a tie between Burton's Batman and Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves.


What movie do you have memorized/left an indelible mark on your childhood?

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