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And I wrote a whole post about it, which Kinja axed before I could post it. Sonofa-!! Anyway, trying to repost. Spoiler warning.

I love BBC's Sherlock. I'm not that familiar with the source material but I think this incarnation is wonderful. My favorite thing from a technical perspective is the editing. The transitions between scenes are clever, and the text on the screen is a great way to incorporate text messaging without having characters read them aloud. (Because, really, who does that?)


My theory on the death is that Sherlock actually fell into the garbage truck pictured (barely) below. The only thing I can't figure out is how they faked his body. A safe assumption is that Molly found someone in the morgue, but what are the odds they could find such a perfect double? A fake body altogether, then? But how?? The good news is, Americans will only have to wait until November for an explanation, as they apparently intend to air the new series simultaneously in the UK and the US.

Did anyone else find it interesting that Moriarty didn't have a hitman on Molly? That suggests that he overlooked her even more than Sherlock. Is that John's doing? I think that is part of Sherlock's arc throughout the series, how John keeps him from being more like Moriarty. (Surely that's a theme in the source material as well.) In the beginning, Sherlock is pretty much oblivious to Molly; then after the Christmas episode and through Reichenbach Fall, perhaps he begins to respect her version of intelligence. (She totally pegs his emotional expression, something that might sometimes escape Sherlock's comprehension.) If the roles were reversed, I think Sherlock would say the same thing to John:


PS - When John is in the therapist's office, and at the grave... SO MANY FEELS!!

PPS - When Sherlock is talking to John from the rooftop...since he knows he is faking his own death, are his emotions fake, just to make John believe it? I'd like to think some part of it was actual feelings, such as sadness that John would think ill of him, or happiness that John refused to believe him. When Sherlock says "no one's that clever," and John replies "you are," Sherlock's tearful little chuckle almost broke my heart.


Any other thoughts? If you'll excuse me, I have to go watch YouTube interviews and fan vids for the next four months.

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