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Just Finished Watching Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Just finished watching Green Lantern: The Animated Series on Netflix.

That was a fun ride! I was seriously disappointed by the awful Ryan Reynolds movie because I think the GL universe is one of the richest untapped resources of the DC non-comic media properties, and this series really took advantage of a lot of the possibilities. But sure, Cartoon Network. Go ahead and cancel because the movie was stupid and didn't sell enough toys.


I think GL is best-suited to a TV show format, but I sure as hell wouldn't mind having a decent live-action or animated movie. Get on that DC. Bench Supes and Bats for a while, and let some of the others have a turn.

I think my favorite characters from GL:TAS were (in order):

Saint Walker
Iolande (seriously needed more of her)

My favorite episode was "Babel."

How about you guys? Anyone else here seen the series? What did you think?

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