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Just Leave It Alone - Friday Open Thread

The original cast of Are You Being Served

It’s that time of the week again when I invade the thread and put out some largely pointless babble about what I think.

It’s been a fairly ordinary week so far and it looks to continue that way through the weekend. The weekend gone however saw the BBC release yet another desperate gasp at trying to get new blood onto the channel, this time via obvious pilots for remade versions of comedy classics Are You Being Served? and Porridge veiled under it being the 60th anniversary of Hancock’s Half Hour, the BBC’s first ever sitcom of which the two shows are nothing like. Both efforts were, just like with most remakes, utterly dreadful in what ended up looking like terrible tribute acts done on half the budget, with the new cast trying to be clones of the original with little to no success, and in the case of AYBS adding a new black character probably in a bid to hide how White the BBC were and still are today.

The cast of the recent remake

The jokes fell flat, the look was stilted, and all it ended up doing was reminding you how much better the originals were. It’s such a shame really when the BBC only last Christmas put out a comedy drama about the making of Dad’s Army that successfully brought back the spirit of the original while not being a carbon copy by instead focusing more on the people behind the scenes, such as famous sitcom writing pair Jimmy Perry and David Croft, so the choice to do a carbon copy rather than this method was probably their downfall.

(Dad’s Army itself also got a new film version released this year that was also a straight recasting of the old parts with added ‘diversity’ that ended up flopping both commercially and critically)

So over to you. What remakes or re-imagining of old properties did you think worked well/ended badly? As usual feel free to talk about anything else as well.

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