It's day 8 (but blog #7) of my 30-day challenge. It's late and I don't know what to write about!

Maybe music...I've been taking guitar lessons for about 10 weeks now. We've mostly been working on chord changes. I am still pretty slow but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Here's a stock photo of my guitar; she's a beaut!

I used to play the clarinet so I like to think I have some basic music skills, but I'm still trying to translate them to the guitar. Six strings...a bunch of frets...each fret is a half-step... Meanwhile I'm just trying to get my pinky-G chord to work.

Ultimately I hope to play and sing at the same time. I will be my own standalone musical production unit! (I've also been taking singing classes.) I was singing with a band but I think we have unofficially broken up due to irreconcilable differences between a couple of other band members. It makes me sad because I thought it was fun getting to bring things from class into practical use. Just like any other learning process; it doesn't sink in until you apply it.


My dream, ultimately, is to create parody / nerdy songs and perform them. I feel like that is still a long way off, but it keeps me motivated.

Does anyone else play an instrument? What would be a fun (easy) song to learn on guitar? Suggestions are welcome. (And yes, I've already tried the Game of Thrones theme. So fun!) Or, if you prefer, give me name ideas for my one-person nerd parody band.