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Just Started To Watch Star Wars Rebels: Please Tell Me It Gets Better?

I while back, I watched the Clone Wars for the first time and really enjoyed it for the most part with the exception of it having a bad opening movie and first season. Now I have started watching Rebels, starting with the shorts & the movie and I’m sorry to say but I thought they were worse than the Clone Wars movie.

Also again, sorry for being such a negative nancy again for the past few days.

My biggest problem is with the main character Ezra who suffers from being a less annoying version of Anakin in episode 1. The kid is constantly whiny and annoying, he’s Shinji Ikari basically and I wish he wasn’t in the series.


I didn’t help that none of the other characters were all that interesting either, with all of them being very stock and nothing that made them unique at all. I find this odd given that by the end of the Clone Wars, the writers and voice cast were able to make even unlikable characters like Anakin interesting, that they would suddenly fall back on these stock characters.

Also, really? These people started the rebellion. Yeah I don’t by that for a second. Where is Mon Mothma and Bail Organa? Where are the remaining separatists? Where are all the people that it would make sense to have started the rebellion years before the beginning of this series?

It also doesn’t help that the shorts and the opening of the movie didn’t show the imperials being that bad:

“My god! The Storm Troopers don’t except bribes and wanted to make sure that the food being sold is actually fit to be eaten! Those bastards!”


Did I miss something? Neither of those are bad things, but yet the movie and the shorts treat it like it’s something we should hate the troopers for? Emm, no. I wouldn’t like to know that the food I eat wasn’t checked, especially knowing that the food companies would be willing to serve us horse meat if they could (thank god I am a vegetarian).

Yes, later in the movie they show Tarkin Town, mistreatment of the farmers and later slave labour camps on Lothal but why not show something like that first instead of two things that aren’t actually bad.


Also really? Why are all the Imperials British? That is just lazy and hack writing there and doesn’t make much sense. Let me guess, we won’t be seeing any good British characters in this unless it’s “someone who’s seen the error of their ways”. Also let me guess that all main characters are going to North American and anyone from anywhere else in the world will be treated as either villains or victims?

Ultimately, I just didn’t enjoy it. The plot & characters aren’t that memorable, I don’t buy the series premise that this is the start of the rebellion and the movie is awfully short. Please tell me the series improves? I don’t want to hate it and I feel that the writers can do better than this.

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