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O-Deck RPG

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Hello everybody, yesterday I was again surprised by the amount of interest there is for an O-Deck RPG night.


Some people offered to GM, and plenty more offered to help. The only thing left is when and how.

Jjpprob devised a great system where everybody could join without it becoming an exclusive thing and time not mattering. His idea was that two or three GM's (or anyone) could say what they'll be doing and when, and others can sign up for whatever game they would like to join.


For example, Jjpprob could say:

GM: Jjpprob.
System: Star Wars: Saga Edition
Synopsis: As the Trade Federation subjugates Naboo, a merry band of Gungans dare to fight back!
Players: 4
Times to play: Saturdays, time of day negotiable.


And others could reply, saying they'd like to join and what times are best for them.

This way, more people can join and we don't have to worry about time zones and stuff.


This seems like the best idea to me. I'd write a post on Monday regarding the O-Deck rpg. And all who want to GM or play can comment on when and what they want to play.

So, do you agree with this system? Do you have any other ideas or advice?

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