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Kalaeth's Afternoon Radio Service - Watership Down edition

After a somewhat long absence (it's been over a month since my last post), I bring you a afternoon radio service once again.

Sometime before 2005 a conversation between musicians happened that must have been something like this :

- "You know what book I really like? Watership Down."

-"OH MY GOD! Me too! The way it speaks with us about X* is awesome!"

-"Yeah! I've been writing some lyrics based on it, but I need a band."

-"We should totally find more people and do a couple albums based on it."

And they did. From 2005 to 2009 they recorded and released 3 albums based on the book, and then, with a "job done" feeling in their guts, they disbanded. Now, alçl we have left is their music, and that is why we are here, right?


So here it is, Fall of Efrafa's discography / tribute to Watership Down :

Owsla (guardian) :

Elil (enemy) :

and Inlé (death) :

*full disclaimer : I have never read Watership Down, nor even seen the movie.

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