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Karin Returning For Street Fighter V

Karin has just been revealed to be a returning character in Street Fighter V. Not all that surprising given how huge Karin is in Japan, especially with young woman.

Despite first appearing outside the games in the manga Sakura Ganbaru! and only appearing in a few games, she’s became an icon and a role model for schoolgirls like Sakura over there and only hasn’t made more appearances because of the weird rights issues with the original manga’s author Masahiko Nakahira.


While we are on the manga, though I have only read the first volume of the two volume series and that was fan translation, it is actually quite fun and I would recommend SF fans to look it up.

Hell, back in 2013, Capcom did two official polls about characters fans would want to see in future SF games (which Capcom has said helped them decided on SFV roster):


If you look at the Japanese poll, not only is she at the top, she beat everyone else by far. Hell, she didn’t do that bad in the western poll either which probably helped.

As an aside, it’s interesting that woman dominate the Japanese poll while men dominate the western poll. Does anyone know what the demographics of fighting games are in Japan or why the disparity?

Plus, given her and R. Mika are the best of friends in SFA3, it just makes sense for them both to be in the game.


As for Karin herself, I can’t speak much about her fighting style because I haven’t played SFA3 yet though from what I’ve seen of her move set, she does seem like a fun character to play as.

Lastly, I now think for sure that those leaks from July were correct now that it predicted three of the characters (R. Mika, Rashid and now Karin). This means the remaining characters are Alex, Urien for returning and Xen & Laura for new characters.

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