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Keelah! Here's your official Tali'zorah Vas Normandy... Swimsuit?

Bioware have teamed up with Black Milk Clothing to offer an official range of women's clothing based on the Mass Effect franchise. The results are... interesting. Is this the first in a new wave of Adult Underoos that Rob was demanding?


The new range features a variety of dresses, swimsuits and leggings, some featuring art from the Dark Horse line of Mass Effect comics. Maybe you female fans of Mass Effect want to sport a dainty little number that shows you've got the skills worthy of the Systems Alliance N7:

Or maybe, just maybe, what you really want is a swimsuit - appropriatley called By the Goddess! - featuring comic art of Liara T'Soni covering your crotch:


I'm pretty sure that wasn't what the Asari meant by 'Embracing Eternity'.

Honestly though, the lack of equality here is pretty distressing. I mean, come on, if women get these, WHERE ARE MY KAL'REEGAR SPEEDOS!?


Riddle me that, Bioware.

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