Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Scientists contributing to a recent, peer reviewed book on the 9 000 skeleton known as Kennewick man have come to some interesting conclusions about his origins. They say that he was a seal hunter who likely came from either Alaska or possibly all the way from Asia.

Kennewick Man's remains have long been the subject of controversy, as features of his bones do not resemble those of Paleo-Indians. Since the discovery of the skeleton, various local American Indian groups have attempted to lay claim to the skeleton as an ancestor, so that they could rebury him according to their customs. Scientists have argued that the skeleton indicates that he is not related to any modern American Indian group.

Instead they say that he comes from a group of humans who lived along the Asian Pacific coast whose modern descendants include the Polynesians and the Ainu people of Northern Japan.

Whoever Kennewick man was, it would seem he was rather badass. Apparently he had a stone projectile point lodged in his hip bone, and that's not what killed him.

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