Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Is everyone such an asshole on Kijiji or is it just me? EVERYTIME I try to sell something at cost, below cost, whatever I get the rudest, most intrusive emails...

I'm moving so me and the Mr went through the house and decided to sell some of our memorabilia. Most of it is posted at half face. This is the conversation:

Buyer: Are you willing to trade?

Me: No, sorry. Thank you and have a nice day

Buyer: I have tons of memorabilia to trade for that

Me: No, I'm sorry. We are only looking to sell. Thank you.

Buyer: What's your lowest price?

Me: X. Thank you.

Buyer: That's way too high. What's your address? I'm coming over

Me: If you're planning on offering less than that, I'm sorry I'm not interested.


Me: Then please accept my decline to give you my address..

Yes I know I should have stopped emailing three emails ago, but my Canadianisms are showing (count the "Sorrys") But seriously, screaming at me to give you my address is not going to make me give it to you.


I hate moving. So many of my posts are going to be about moving. I apologize in advance....

Also, can people please use salutations? Is that too much to ask? Do you just walk into stores and go "YARGH GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS!!!!"

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