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Killjoys "The Warrior Princess Bride" Reaction Thread

Before we get into it I want to say something about Dark Matter. So in the grand scheme of things I can understand why they would cancel Dark Matter over this show, Less people under contract, fewer episodes and I guess a more concise vision for where it’s going (Whatever that’s worth). I would have been disappointed if this show had gotten cancelled instead of Dark Matter but not as much as I was about Dark Matter’s cancellation (Though nowhere near as disappointed as I was with Lucifer’s cancellation). But it is what it is and here we are now (At 10 PM now I guess, they brought in nothing to replace Dark Matter).

Welcome to the Killjoys season 4 episode 1 “The Warrior Princess Bride” It doesn’t have to be like this” spoilerific reaction thread where you can share your thoughts on the show as it plays out or after it’s over.


If you have a review of the show you want to share, post it down in the comments and I’ll throw it up here.

Question of the Night:

What if Princess Bride, but Buttercup also kicked ass?

These comments aren’t spoiler proof, the aftermath is spoilerage. It’s time to do it now and do it loud, Killjoys, make some noise!!!!

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