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Kindle covers question?

So, I've a Kindle, but now it needs a cover! The only ones sold in locals stores are ugly-ass Accessorize ones that don't look like they hold up very well. And while I'm sure the official Amazon case is perfect, it is also 40$.

And I am not getting a case is half the cost of my Kindle! Nope.


I was thinking of getting this one:

It doesn't cover the front of the kindle, it has a stand and I think the hand strap is a genius idea. I want a cover because it covers the screen and it more protection than a gel case, and I don't much like sleeves, they're impractical to my clutzy self IMHO.


I know some you guys have Kindles already - so what case do you use?

Also, this is another very by thank you to bangishotyou and Chupacabras who very generously offered me some of their ebook collection! Thank you guys, really!

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