So Kinja’s been acting up more than usual again. Especially on mobile. So here’s a list of my issues, anyone encounter these?

1.The comment editor is slow and sorry on mobile. The cursor jumps randomly sometimes, and the spell check doubles up words of even does this:

2. Starring a comment occasionally jumps you to the top of the page. I think I’ve seen this happen both in mobile and desktop.

3. Also on desktop, kinja tabs tend to slow down my whole browser for reasons unknown. Not just gif heavy posts either.


4. And since I’m posting this from mobile, the text editing featured don’t show up.I clicked the little image thingy next to my name in the editor and it doesn’t seem to do anything. But then when I scrolled down they appeared for a bit and then disappeared.

ETA: 5. All links I click on kinja comments make my browser (Chrome) go all “pop-up blocked”. I have to right-click “Open in new tab” - both on desktop and mobile version.