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Kinja Comment Posting Issues?

!I just tried to post comments on O-Deck to both Eldritch’s post about Goats and Gretnablue’s about “Dark & Grime” media.

I rebooted my chromebook as well as reset my internet connection. Maybe it is me? But not sure. I know that the community blogs for Gawker sites are being migrated over to being “community site name”.kinja.com (example: observationdeck.kinja.com) where they used to be “community site name”.”gawker site”.com (example: observationdeck.io9.com), so maybe that is the problem.

Either way, when I try to post to the ODeck as a commenter, I get a “post failed” message.


I’d ask if anyone else is seeing this issue, but if it is system wide then your comments might end up as “post failed”.

Tagging to Kinja Help, but of course if it is on my end that comments from ODeckers will help me figure that out too.

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