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Kinja: scroll-down shortcuts?

I totally HATE the endless scroll that seems to have taken over the blogs, the comments in New York Times and others — and kinja, especially in the comments section. I blame Facebook, since it was there I first encountered (and profoundly hated) the "click for more stories" thing. Just give me pages nrs, comment nrs, dates.

I found the php/bb for instance way easier to navigate because we had page numbers and comment numbers and/or dates attached to comment pages. On the php boards, one could go to a thread an jump to last few pages, see the newest comments without scrolling through all the previous ones.

Problem: Article gets posted, say on io9. I read/skim through 100 comments. If I come back an hour later, is there any way to just see newly-posted comments without having to scroll thorough all the ones I've already seen? UGH! Gimme numbered pages, 20 comments per page, with numbered comments, where I could either choose "list newest first" and navigate by skipping pages.


I realize that kinja doesn't want to assign a number (in order posted) to comments, since the whole grey /up vote/downvote thing would mess up the order. However, and this is just my opinion —I would choose easy navigation over this voting system. Getting recommended is nice, but is of little use if it's a pain to scroll down (again) over hundreds of comments. Or have options: newest first, most recommended, oldest first, or such.

And seeing that more often than not, the authors must be overwhelmed or? — how come that a day later, I've seen 200 comments or so still awaiting approval ... the comments must be easy to skim through, or else, we're just commenting for our own benefit, not for others to see. And the whole point of some posts is to see what commenters add.

Heck io9 is popular, what with 800 comments on something lately. But there's gotta be an easier way to navigate — what am I missing?

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