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Kinja, Why We No Can Haz Nice Things?

Just one example of countless WYSIWYG text editing UIs (this is Outlook's):

As opposed to, y'know, clicking a drop-down, then clicking your formatting choice, and maybe it works the first time and maybe it don't, so you click it again, and huwway!, success, so you click — oh, "underline" isn't on the list, oh well, let's try "italics", and woops, that just undid "bold", so you click five or six more times and finally get it sorta-kinda how you wanted, and then God help you if you wanna go back to just typing normal-like, because as far as you can tell "normal text" does nothing, so you either unintuitively re-click your choices and type/backspace/click about five more times to see if that fixed things, or you say several very bad words and just fucking hit enter and type your text then backspace to get it back up on the line you were working on. Easy!


At this point I think I'd rather just enter formatting commands in brackets old-style. Which I guess you can do now by clicking "code". Which is on the fershlugginer drop-down.

EDIT: A Small Public Service Announcement

Two bits of hopefully useful info from the nice folks who commented:

  1. djublonskopf has noted (and others have confirmed) that a trailing space seems to be necessary for the formatting commands to work right. Ex: if you wanted to type "the red ball", you'd type "the" plus a space and then use the italic command — this also applies when going back to standard text, of course. This seems to work with the drop-down menu and the CTRL key shortcuts.
  2. Daellus noted that the CTRL shortcuts are more likely to work right if you hold the key combo down for a second or so. I just confirmed to my own satisfaction that this is also the case with the drop-down commands — left-click and hold the mouse button down for a second and the commands work consistently. I have no idea why this should be so, other than "Because Kinja". (Note: if you want to get fancy and type in bold and italic at the same time or some such, it's still hit-or-miss.)

Hope this is helpful, and thanks to everyone who took my run-on sentence in Daffy Duck mode seriously enough to look for solutions! :)

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