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Kinja Wish List 2.somedamnnumber

I think we can all agree* that Kinja 1.0 has shaken out to be at least "eh, not as awful as I was expecting", and possibly even "this is pretty damn cool, actually!" But there are a few things I'd love to see implemented. Just right off the top of my head:

  • An option to use a title banner on your personal blog page like I posted about here. I still believe quite a few people would make use of this. And it would pretty the place up! Don't you want to be pretty??
  • A short "About" page (seriously, it could just be a few lines) for the main sites, sub-pages, and possibly even the personal blogs. Just something to say to new readers, "Hey, this is what we're about here! Usually."
  • The neat little tab suffixes like "we come from the future" — I wants that! Oh, the snarkalicious possibilities! Unless, of course, it's just something as simple as editing your blog name, in which case, duhhh on me... (Oh, note to whoever's in charge of changing the ones on Observation Deck: "9906947XB71"? Not sure if missing reference or cat walked on numeric keypad...)
  • An easy way to get Folks Wot's In Charge's attention in re: suggestions like these. Seriously. If this were Google+ or some such, I could just go, "Hey, +Gawker Tech and +Kinja Features, lookie lookie loo!!" Is there some type of messaging system planned for the future? Is that what that "invite someone to join in this discussion" thing on the main sites is for?

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. Feel free to post your own probably much better suggestions and improvement ideas in the comments! :)

*Not intentional sarcasm

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