Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Kinkja 1.0

There's certainly more things you can do to your comments with the new system. However, I've found some kinks that could be ironed out.

  • I'm sure I'm not the first one to voice this issue, but the sideways comment scrolling is broken in Kinja 1.0. I am using the latest Chrome release, and when I navigate side ways, comments load wrong and skips a whole bunch. I initially thought that it was just because the comments don't scale with the website when I zoomed in on the page, but it happens even at 100%. Navigating back and forth is also broken once the comments load out of place. This needs to be fixed. 
  • Stacked replies to the comments are an interesting thought, but once they are expanded, it's impossible to see who's replied to who at a glance. I wish there was @username tag like in the good old days so that we could see who the replies were meant for. 

Hopefully these things are fixed soon, and then we'll see how it goes.

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