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Knight of the Future

So it seems there is this rebellious fiefdom in Oxfordshire ruled by a King-sley, Jason who lives as a knight by day. Never mind Judge Dredd’s Lawmaster bike for getting around, the 2000AD boss is in to jousting.

“There have been some deaths in jousting,” he says. “But it is usually through inexperience, the wrong safety equipment, and a lot of bad luck combined.”


Chaucer’s Knight might not have been a gentleman, but Kingsley sees a useful code of behaviour that can be applied to his business.

While Jason doesn’t wear one of his £25,000 suits of armour in the office, he says that he tries to run Rebellion - and all other aspects of his life - according to a medieval knight’s chivalric code of conduct.

“What the code comes down to is try to be a decent person... and there are three parts - bravery, honesty and kindness.

That’s what reading comics and playing computer games does for you!

The BBC have the full story.


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