Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The Legend of Korra gave us the miracle of Korrasami and the world rejoiced! The upcoming comics are widely anticipated both for continuing the story of the world of Avatar but also to let us see more of what happens with Korrasami. Fortunately the show also has amazing voice actors! At a convention Janet Varney did a bit proposing to Asami as Korra. And later Seychelle in a podcast responded to the proposal as Asami! Fortunately an industrious person synced them both up with a scene from the series!


Makes me hope that the comics will cover a decent amount of Korra’s life and we will see a similar scene in print.

Here is video someone compiled of Janet Varney’s proposal and the later response by Seychelle.

Ah this is a nice balm after sitting here listening to my co-worker and guest stand here for last 2 hours being homphobic, misogynistic, moronic assholes. This may be one of the most infurating worse days I have had here.

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