Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Book 2 is over! I think it got better as the season went on. Have thoughts on happenings? Post here!


My Thoughts:

  • Giant Kaijuu fight! Milo is definitely a fan. I thought it was pretty great and all the fight scenes were exciting.
  • Varrick escaped! That actually is kind of exciting. I half expected a jet pack. Zu Lhi, do the thing!
  • No more connection to the past lives. Eh I am okay with that and interested in what they do with it. Hopefully we still get flashbacks in some form
  • I was going to throw a chair when the had more love triangle stuff but that fortunately was resolved in a satisfactory manor. Hopefully they handle relationship stuff better next Book.
  • I did like the evolution of Bolin and Eska's relationship. I was actually sad to see them part, I wanted to see them continue to develop a healthier relationship. Bolin was pretty great this season overall.
  • Please stay likeable Korra.
  • Next season I am hoping for her traveling the world and resolving conflicts between Spirits and humans. Lets finally see more of the world.
  • Please have Uncle Iroh and Zuko reunion.
  • Is Unaloq now in a Dark Avatar cycle? Or is Vaatu destroyed to start growing stronger again over period of 10,000 years in Raava like how it used to be before Wan messed it up? Will we get answers for that or will it be forgotten?

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