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Kristen Stewart is a witch

And I have found proof!


Some of you at this point may have realized that is not exactly Kristen Stewart, but someone who remarkably resembles her. You'd be right, except wrong too.

That is Grace Slick. Some of you older folks might remember her from a little band called Jefferson Airplane. Some of you younger folks might know her from... shudder... Jefferson Starship.

The resemblance is uncanny though, for proof see the pics of Kristen Stewart below.


See what I mean?

On that note, how about some Jefferson Airplane tunes? Enjoy!

And I leave you with a parting gift, a photo of the entire band.


Look at those wacky kids, with their rocking and rolling and their instruments and long hair and all. Get off my lawn, you gosh darn whippersnappers!

Oh and remember what the door mouse said, "Feed your head."

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