Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Kristian Nairn publicly comes out

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The big man behind Game of Thrones' Hodor, prompted by a question about his LGBT fanbase in an interview with Winter is Coming, has publicly acknowledged his own sexuality for the first time.


Although the actor has been out for the majority of his life to friends and family, this is the first time he's acknowledged it in an interview:

I have some friends in the gay community, "Bears" as they're wont to call themselves, who hold you on a pretty high pedestal. One good friend of mine (I've known since we were in the 5th grade together) says your bear following is "extensive." Is this something you're aware of?

Well, in all honesty, when you talk about "the gay community," you are talking about MY community, haha. I AM aware of it yeah, and I think it's really lovely. There's not a day that I don't get a few messages, but 99% or more are super sweet and nothing smutty at all! Again, it's a privilege, and I really mean that. I've never hidden my sexuality from anyone, my whole life in fact, and I've been waiting for someone to ask about it in an interview, cos it's not something you just blurt out. I've tried to lead the questions a few times, to no avail!

It's a very small part of who I am on the whole, but nonetheless, in this day and age, it's important to stand up and be counted. I have and always will stand my ground.


Hooray for Hodor!

You can read the full interview with Kristian, which goes into his role as Hodor, his past as a DJ, as well as his love of World of Warcraft, over at Winter is Coming.


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