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Krypton Flipped the Table on Its Story

At the end of last week’s episode of Krypton a character revealed their real identity. This week the implications of that reveal started to play out with potentially long term consequences. And someone else’s reveal will change things as well.


Last week the mysterious Black Zero leader with his own agenda revealed that he was Lyta-Zod’s son. The episode had done a good job of potentially setting him up to be Lyta’s uncle, at least in my mind, so I was too surprised to connect the dots on what the actual reveal meant. The promo for this week’s episode that played right after that reveal clued me in though.

This week’s episode “Civil Wars” picks up right where we left off with Adam Strange showing up to confirm that the man is indeed Superman’s nemesis General Zod who has also traveled back in time.

Seg’s choice between the two time travelers makes sense. On one hand, his lover’s son says he’s there to stop Brainiac, who is not a time traveler, from snatching up Kandor and setting in motion the destruction of Krypton, something Adam Strange chose not to mention to Seg. On the other hand, the guy from another planet says that the timeline has to be preserved so that Kal-El is sent to Earth though that means Krypton is destroyed. Of course Seg choses to release Zod.

Seg, Lyta, and General Zod sneak into the underground cult’s lair and open a sealed chamber using the blood of an El and a Zod to reveal Doomsday, an ultra-powerful weapon that may be able to stop Brainiac. Adam Strange and the cult arrive before they can release Doomsday. Seg, the Zods, and Adam Strange escape the lair but the General is wounded. Seg is all in on Team Zod and kicks Adam Strange to the curb.


Meanwhile back in the city of Kandor the coup against the Voice of Rao is moving forward. Jayna-Zod, recruits Dev-Em into the plot. They have a patsy set up for the planned bombing. One of the Sagitari realizes something is amiss and Jayna has to kill him to keep the plot secret. When the Voice of Rao changes the private ceremony (where he is to be assassinated) to a public one full of people, Dev and Jayna change the plan. Dev brings the Voice back to a private area where Jayna, and a squad of Sagitari are waiting to shoot him down. Unfortunately for them he reveals his Brainiac side and it’s brain sucking time.


The General Zod reveal and the potential consequences change Krypton from a generic science fictional Game of Thrones knockoff into something more. Even someone like me who isn’t steeped in Superman lore knows General Zod is a villain on Earth. But in the context of Krypton that’s not what he is (yet). His methods may be brutal but he seems sincere in his desire to save Krypton. Zod may have his own agenda for the planet after he saves it but for right now he’s an ally of Seg and Lyta.

On the other hand Adam Strange doesn’t come across as well. He initially thought he was supposed to stop Brainiac but he’s okay with Brainiac succeeding and Krypton blowing up since it means Earth gets Superman. I’ve got more to say about Adam Strange below.


I had been wondering if Brainiac’s bottling of Kandor would come into play since that’s one of the bits of Superman lore I’m familiar with. Krypton has linked that action with the destruction of the planet so if Seg and the Zods fail and Brainiac snatches Kandor then we know the fuse is lit for Krypton to go boom in two hundred years.

At this point I’m not sure where the show is going. Is Krypton going to become a messy time travel show with General Zod changing Kryptonian history or will Brainiac take Kandor (and some of the main characters) and thus preserve the timeline? We’ll see.


Assorted Thoughts:

  • This episode addressed something that had been bothering me about Adam Strange while also giving me something new to ponder. It didn’t really make sense to me that Brainiac was a time traveler so finding out that he’s not the time traveler Adam Strange is on Krypton to stop works for me. But that raises a different set of questions. Adam Strange was genuinely surprised to see General Zod so he really didn’t know who the time traveler he was there to stop really was. He says that he heard a conversation, not that he was briefed by Superman for this mission. If he was actually sent by the Man of Steel wouldn’t he would know who he was there to stop? It sounds like Adam Strange took up this mission on his own initiative but then how did he get Superman’s cape?
  • Speaking of that cape, do you think we’ll see it again before the season finale?
  • In General Zod’s original timeline he knows Seg simply as the father of his friend Jor-El. Seg and Lyta realize that they don’t end up together in that timeline. I’ll assume that Zod knows who his father is (or at least who Lyta married) so noticing that Seg and Lyta are very close probably doesn’t sit well with him.
  • Zod sees himself as a Kryptonian patriot and his main beef with Superman seems to be that Kal-El is a sellout who has been assimilated by his new home’s culture. That’s a legitimate argument from a certain point of view.
  • The Voice of Rao Brainiac is creepy as hell around Ona.

All images via the Syfy site.

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