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Like most characters on Helix, Dr. Kyle Sommer alternates between acting sensible and doing stupid stuff as required by the plot. This week Kyle carries the Stupid Ball over the goal line and scores big time. Plus an unexpected character returns (sort of). Spoilers ahead.


Doreen returns as a figment of Alan's imagination when he's sleeping and later after he's knocked out. Head Doreen is there to tell Alan that he is "a man in search of a mission" who doesn't really know why he's doing what he's doing. She also points out that Kyle is in many ways a younger version of Alan.

Anne tries to rally the surviving followers but she really sucks at public speaking. Amy, however, has Michael's gift for rhetoric (or "empty speech" as Peter puts it) and tells the survivors to kick the old ways to the curb. The survivors gather around her and have a group hug.

Anne is feeling sorry for herself until Peter talks her down from the edge of a roof. Their prelude to a kiss is interrupted by Peter's satellite phone. He's been out of contact for five days and has a hundred messages. His associates have arrived on the island. And they turn out to be Julia and Balleseros. (So for future Julia it's at least her second trip to St. Germain.)


Julia fills in Peter and Anne on Narvik-C and why she's there for for Michael's infertility treatment. After Anne walks away Peter says he can get it for a price. It turns out that Peter is a mercenary with no loyalty to anyone. Julia calls him a pig for wanting $100,000,000. He replies the "pigs get fed." Sorry, Peter. Pigs also get slaughtered.*

Anne explains that since the infertility apples have no seeds trees need to be grafted from the original apple tree of infertility the islanders call Mother. Unfortunately the graft Michael kept in his safe is missing (another mystery).


Sarah tries to break into the cabinet holding her baby but Amy and Landry catch her. Amy makes a handwavey explanation for the existence of the incubator Sarah's baby is in. As with a lot of science on the show it's better not to think too much about it. Sarah agrees to do the procedure that will make Amy a silver-eye. Since Sarah can't stick a needle into her own spine she not unreasonably wants an actual doctor to do it. But Amy is being particularly bratty and insists the procedure be done that day. She will tap Sarah's spine. Sarah slips into Michael's lab and prepares a syringe with something from one of the plants.

Sarah talks Amy through the procedure, which turns out to be so simple that even Landry could have tapped Sarah's spine (see my earlier comment about science on this show). Amy doesn't trust Sarah and is hesitant to have Sarah poking things into her back.


Landry volunteers to be injected with the immortal spinal fluid. Sarah mentions that it will take three or four days before she can donate more spinal fluid. Landry has a bad reaction to the injection and Amy flips out. She locks Sarah in with Landry, who is in the throes of a massive seizure, and tells Sarah she just said goodbye to her baby.

I've mentioned Kyle once in passing so far so let's get to him. Kyle, Alan, and the Coast Guard are out looking for the red sap that may lead to a cure for the infection. Kyle sees Soren, falls for one of the oldest tricks in the book and is captured by a bickering infected couple with a fondness for human eyeballs. But they don't eat other infected because the meat tastes wrong. (Remember Leila from the first episode? What's left of her is hanging from the rafters of the couple's cabin.)


Kyle plays the couple against each other and escapes, grabbing some jars of red sap and honey on the way out. So far so good. Kyle gets a good head start then trips and falls. Now he has two choices. Get up and keep running. Or dig out a jar of honey and eat it.


Wait...what? Why eat the honey? If you hadn't stopped to do that you might have got away from the crazy infected couple chasing you. Instead you infect yourself with something that has no cure and hope you find enough red sap to keep you alive. When the infected couple caught you they were going to kill you anyway for cheating them out some tasty eyeballs. Good thinking, Kyle. Fortunately for him the Coast Guard shows up and kills the couple.

Now we have all the major characters on the island at the same time. Since Mother is also the source of the red sap everyone is looking for the same thing though for different reasons. The scenes from Julia's future suggests that at least some of them will fail.


*I know the line is "pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered." But in the end they both end up as bacon and pork chops.

  • Will Anne and Peter at least get to kiss before one of them dies?
  • Who's next from Season 1 to show up? The Scythe? The talking head of Constance Sutton?
  • Lieutenant Commander Winger is wearing the correct rank now.

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