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Los Angeles Times

One of the external tanks for the Space Shuttles has just arrived at the Port of Los Angeles today after traveling 4,000 nautical miles over the course of several weeks. ET-94, as it’s called, is the “last surviving flight-qualified” fuel tank for the retired spacecrafts.

The tank—pushed along by tugboat Shannon Dann—left Michoud, Lousiana on April 12, sailed across the Gulf, passed through the Panama Canal, saved fishermen from a sinking ship, and finally made it to its new home in LA.

Yes, that is indeed a slide.

ET-94 will soon take a slow journey along streets of LA to its temporary housing until the new aerospace complex at California Science Center could be completed, where it will be mated to the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

You can read more about the tank’s journey at LA Times and California Science Center’s respective websites.

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