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Ladies and Gentlemen, A Moment of Your Time from #TeamOcelot

#TeamOcelot has enjoyed an easy bracket so far, trouncing its weak competitors as they deserved. But we have now reached the point that it becomes necessary to call upon you all to vote. The Ocelot faces its toughest battle yet, the Pallas scourge. And we need YOU to step up and vote to assure victory.

But first, an important video:

The Ocelot is the cat of choice of the world’s greatest spy, Archer.

The Ocelot is the cat of choice for one of the most popular games of all time, Minecraft.


Everyone loves the Ocelot.

I mean, just look at this face! Look at this face, and make the right choice. Vote #TeamOcelot. Stop the Pallas cat. You can make the difference.


#TeamOcelot dedicates this post to #TeamTiger and #TeamSandcat.

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