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April was a bittersweet month for numbers: I made 308k US Uniques, but only 275k US People, the actual number that counts. This is my last month to hit the target, so if you want me to keep writing for Space, please share the love.

Your thank-you this week is Wonder Woman riding a kangaroo into space.

(No idea what a Recruit is? Here's the intro, and how I was doing at the half-way mark of my 90-day trial period.)


I made the 8k I pleaded for on the Shameless Traffic Whoring post; I actually doubled the target by reaching 16k! Alas, I made the mistake of making pre-coffee calculations, and looked at Uniques instead of People. People are the Uniques, but removing readers who are logged in and viewing via multiple platforms so they only count once. Apparently, quite a few people do that, so I was totally off on what my single-day numbers needed to be. The moral of the story is never do math before coffee.

While the Gawker contract doesn't look at anyone outside the United States (including me), I continue to be tickled by my international readers. Space had a global reach of 416k Global People from 114 countries in April, spending a very-handwavy-estimated cumulative 15 million minutes on the site. I adore you, and I promise to use your stolen time for the construction of my very own space-warping black hole in which to hide your socks, pens, and highly-important but rarely-accessed paperwork.

Space is a lot more crowded than I imagined for a leaping kangaroo.

If you enjoy what you've been reading on the Space site, and want me to stick around to keep writing it, please try to pick a story a day and share it out on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or anywhere else where new audiences might see it. Pretty please?


As a sneak peak at coming attractions, this week will feature the first-ever cross-Recruits theme-day. Are you ready to see what happens at the intersection of Space, Animals, and Animation? I cannot wait for Friday!

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