Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

*Disco ball with 2016 written on it is slowly lowered into the room, illiminating the room. GJ storms in and shoots disco ball, causing it to explode in a glorious fashion* It had it coming.....

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Welcome to the last WednesdayBookClub of 2016, everyone! I trust we’ve all have gorged ourselves with food and eggnog.Let’s book club, everyone!! *Has the remains of the 2016 disco ball set on fire while the 2017 one is being lowered*


Been too tired to read. Not even going to lie. Hopefully, next year, I can distance myself from my usual mindless computer activities and get back to reading. I also notice that I get anxious while I read now too. Like when the the plot inevitably gets more serious and I see danger on the horizon for the characters, I tend to stop reading and I hate that. I have no idea what’s causing (Could be my social anxiety or the instant gratification monkey flaring up. Not sure which one) but I’m going to work on muscling past that.

So what have been your book goals of 2016 and have you achieved them yet?

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