Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Late Night Lab Thoughts

1) What if eldritch horrors could only speak in inspirational pictures with vague text? Inspired by this.


2) If I were drinking, my hands would be steadier. If I were drinking, my torso would be shaking more. Is there an optimum amount of drunk for experimentalists?

3) Gophers. This is apparently a question to me, now. Gophers.

4) Soldering all these wires would be a lot easier if there weren't all these wires.


5) Sleep might be a detriment, at this point. We should declare victory over sleep. Mission accomplished. (But at what cost?)

6) I love this tip. I should write a sonnet. No, a ballad! No. A dirge.

7) I could have done this without installing the GPIB card, but I have to show the apparatus who's boss. Hey, GPIB! I'm watching you.


8) Polymer. Poly-Mare. Many seas. It's an ocean of oceans. A 100 nm layer of 'em. That would be a ton of very, very small fish.

9) My cat's gonna kill me for being out this late.

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