Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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We saw it for the second time today. Some thoughts:

  • Newt's comment of "It was the dinosaurs" did not mean the dinosaurs were kaiju. It meant that the first kaiju came when there were dinosaurs.
  • Quasi's theory in reply to the people complaining about the identical-DNA-different-outsides kaiju: The different appearances were a matter of turning on/off different genes.
  • My theory in reply to the same: In the Drift with the baby kaiju, it looked like the Masters were Frankenstein-ing rather than test-tube-ing, which is to say that they put them together full-grown, organ by organ, rather than growing them. So they had a stockpile of identical kaiju bits they put together.
  • Speaking of the baby kaiju: I think that Otachi was meant to be a breeder. She and Leatherback would have set up somewhere and spawned tons of little kaiju. That way the Masters wouldn't have to send as many monsters through the Breech; there's already a bunch there.
  • At this point, Quasi Hatrack's belly made a funny sounding growl and we discussed the dangers of six-inch-tall kaiju that hide under couches and attack ankles.
  • Otachi's tongue really freaked me out. I was wondering if she was a natural Drifter; if Gypsy (I know it's spelled Gipsy but that is wrong) hadn't interrupted, she would have snatched up Newt and sucked all the information out of him. Quasi just thinks it was a snake-like tasting-the-air thing.
  • At this point we went back to discussing tiny kaiju and decided that an itty bitty Leatherback EMP would just break your phone: bzzt "Hey, why don't I have any bars?"
  • Finally, my favorite moment was the end of the fight with Otachi, when Gypsy cuts her in half and then falls and lands in the stadium. Quasi's favorite moment was when Mako walked out to meet the helicopter, because of how beautifully it was shot.

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