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Late Night Paperwork Open Thread

It’s Saturday night, I’m enjoying a cocktail while watching a Foo Fighters taped concert, and I’m thinking I may have a problem. My problem is that I am also scanning a pile of old bills, invoices, instruction manuals, etc.

First of all I realize there’s no reason for me to do this and it’s probably a bit neurotic and possibly signals hoarding tendencies. On the other hand, what kind of future do we live in where my bills, receipts, etc. in many cases are still paper based? I demand a future where my medical records, bills, receipts, invoices, etc. are automatically sent to my hard drive/server/mobile device. I don’t want to have to manually download them or at some undetermined future date the server that hosts them might decide to serve them when I sign up for paperless billing. I don’t want a pocket full of receipts.


Furthermore, I want a universal SKU system that automatically logs my purchases and compares prices between different stores, times of year, etc. Of course this should all be secure as well.

Some people might lament the lack of actual hoverboards in 2016, I lament the state of paperwork. What more exciting things are happening in your world tonight/early Valentine’s day tomorrow? What mundane thing did you expect to have made your life easier by 2016?

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