Lettin' bygones be bygones and so on and so on

As I promised, I have come on time this Monday with the Thursday Tales crosspost. There are just a couple stories this week but they are pretty good. I watched "The Strain" last night with icallshogun and my niece, and I'm pretty that if Eph doesn't stop having so many stupids, my head is going to laterally explore within the next three houses. (Important reference begins at :27)

If you've been watching "The Strain" and you, too, are frustrated by the stupids (why hasn't Eph taken a single cellphone photograph of ANYTHING for evidence? Why why why? I'm sorry. I must calm down before my Kopfgeschlagen flares up again.) take a load off with these fine stories, and if you have any of your own, please feel free to share them in the comments. Plus, Thursday you can look forward to a spankin' new writer (okay only new. I haven't got to spank them yet.) who joined us last week. It's way time for bed now, and if I don't wake up early-ish tomorrow, Nikoda is gonna be totes unhappy that I didn't bake that cake I was supposed to bake. Happy Monday, folks!

Lay low, let my mind shine like a halo

This week I have spent a lot of time bellyaching over "The Strain" for being full of stupid people. It's always nice to get away from things that make my blood pressure go up and get back to something nice, and soothing, and well-written where people don't do things for no reason OMGWTFBBQRABBLERABBLE.

Okay well, now that I'm breathing oxygen again, let's check out these stories that saved me from a head explosion!

Myseri's "Hollow World" is up to chapter 7 of book 4, and this week was a good week for rock and roll music of the preparatory type. You know, like when you're getting ready to do something serious business but first you need your "getting things together" montage? This is that chapter. (Okay not THAT link. That link is an example of the aforementioned montage). We open with a reminder of the hot mess the bad guys left last week (literally) and then everybody knows what time it is: time to get busy. I like these sorts of chapters because they build up this sense of suspense. Everybody is preparing, nobody is sure if their preparations will be enough, it's a little bit scary because regardless of what the good guys do to be ready, will the bad guys be even better prepared? Who knows? We'll know next week, or the week after that, probably. I would like to know now but I can wait. (I really hope Tama hands out the most assbeat-ilicious assbeatings, though). Largely because I have to. I sure hope the Pennyman makes some appearances. It feels a little wrong to essentially say "I hope a lot of people die" but this is like an apocalyptic battle they're gearing up for, so messed up wishes, ahoy!

Our pal Pitchblende, who has the mind I desperately wish I had, offered up part one, "Egg and Chips", of his new work "A path less straight". An unnamed narrator (whom I am going to call Chips for now. Remember how long it took to get a protagonist name last time?) discusses her time spent with an incredibly creepy and kind of overbearing guy whose creepy and overbearing qualities she does not seem to mind. They meet at the commencement of a romance of some friends, and then lots of weird things happen which just make me scream "DANGER! DANGER!" on the inside, despite the (facade of?) charm that Egg, her companion, radiates. He does have some pretty amusing stories for a creepy dude, and or whatever reason his car makes me think of Christine even though the brand (and the era of its weird, *non-spoilery *abilities) is off. Once again, it's an auspicious start to what I am going to go ahead now and forecast as a pretty swell series of entries. I loved the first part, so I encourage you to catch it while it's new because next week I'm not going to hesitate to spoil this week's chapter!

That's it for this week! I might write something this week. I keep wanting to write something but ultimately I stare at a blank screen or page, terrified to write a rough draft. Which is hilarious because I encourage everyone to not be afraid to write rough drafts! Maybe someday...

But until then, everyone else should feel free to contribute their stories! Yes, bring them to me. The preciouseseseses...just leave them in the comments below so that I may read them and cuddle them and then lose all my hair and eventually fall into a caldera trying to hold on to them and...wait, I got away from myself there. Leave stories, please!