oookaay. let's try again. can't remember exact wording. how a league of extraordinary gentlemen tv show should be. Despite the fact that Alan Moore is already putting magic curses on this in order to doom it to financial failure as he does every adaptation of his work, I do not see this happening. Due to budgetary concerns,copyright nightmares, cultural illiteracy of the American television viewing public (and the fact that Venture Bros. already serves the same function), this is probably the pipe-dream of a low-level Fox executive who is high on bath-salts (it's starting to come back to me, and I'm going to copy this just in case).

However, THIS is the League show I'd like to see. A).F/X.,definitely.B.) Mina, Alan and Orlando, with all gender-bending, queer poly-happy goodness. C.)Black Dossier as a framing device, with a non-linear narrative structure where you're never sure where the storyline will take you next, but with a season wide story-arc. D.) there is NO part D. E.)Slim Shady/Harry Potter vs. Mary Poppins. F.) use the existence of the LXG film as disinformation propaganda to cover up the existence of the League to the general public. There was more, but I forgot. That is all.