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Michael Dante DiMartino, co-creator of the Avatar series, posted today on his tumblr that the production for season three of the Legend of Korra is finished! Which means we are definitely going to get a release date soon, and I'm really hoping for a summer season. If you missed it the trailer for book three is already out in the wild here


What is so exciting that Studio Mir did the entire season which should fix some of the visual problems book two had. And by the looks of the trailer and gifs its all white lotus, dragons, and the fire kingdom. From DiMartino's blog we know that Lin Beifong is also going to be featured more in book three than in book two. I am so excited for this show to come back guys. Also the artbook for Book 3 is being worked on and you can preorder it from Amazon already. Here is the tentative cover for it which is gorgeous:

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