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This Legend Of Korra Book 3 Fan Trailer Looks Great

We have seen teasers for the next season of Korra, including a really hard to makeout Netherlands trailer, but even with production on the season we still haven't gotten an official trailer yet. Youtube user Bigby Wolf came to the rescue with this great fan trailer using scenes from the leaked episodes.

There looks like we will see a lot more of the world which is exciting. Some more varied backgrounds and getting to see what is up with the rest of the world is up to will be nice.


Judging by the trailer we will get more Asami and definitely more Lin Bei Fong this season as it looks like she may have a sister? Also a flashback as to how she received her scars!

Who is Sparky Sparky Boom Woman? Why is there someone Airbending? Are the Dai Li up to their evil ways again? How much Old Man Zuko are we going to get? Is that a Order of the White Lotus city we see?

The trailer gives me so many questions, doing a great job getting me excited for the next season! Lets hope we don't get another slow start this season and the entire thing is great.

Edit: Fixed to reflect this is a fan trailer.

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