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Legend of Korra S3 finale Recap/Discussion.

Season 3 ends today and is already available on Nicks website!! So lets talk about it!!! Season 3 of LoK is probably the best season of the Avatar franchise I have experienced. And it ended in such a heartbreaking way. SPOILERS.

Tenzin is alive!!!! I didnt think they would kill him but after the queen's explicit death I knew no one was safe. A theme I've noticed is that in the last run of episodes the anxiety level has been raised. When Zaheer had Korra and the airbenders were still in danger I was on the edge of my seat.

But the fight sequences continue to be astounding and watching Korra feet bend while Tonraq supported her was just so good.


Then the other great was Bolin LAVABENDED! It was a great way to end his arc trying to metal bend. And let's be honest lavabending is so much cooler than metalbending.

Then the Beifong sisters had their own BAMF moments as they teamed up against P'Li. As Lin distracted her Su encapsulated P'Li's in metal right as she unleashed a blast killing her. As deaths on Avatar that had to be one of most brutal ones.

P'Li's death finally allowed Zaheer to let go of his earthly tethers and fucking fly. That's three specialized airbending moves introduced into the Avatar universe. And it proves to me that Airbenders are the strongest benders. And naturally Zaheer fly away with Korra.

Part two started with Korra in chains and we finally learn Zaheer's plan: use a metallic poison (most likely mercury) to force Korra into the avatar state and kill her ending the Avatar cycle. This provided one of the most chilling animated sequences, as Korra fights the poison she begins to hallucinate all the past villains she has faced Amon, Unalaq, and Vatu all playing on Korra's greatest fear: living in a world where the avatar isn't needed, where she isn't needed.


Zaheer would have won if Korra in the avatar state wasnt powerful as fuck. She went after Zaheer like the Hulk very reminiscent of the final fight between Ozai and Aang. My question though was she just all power since she no longer had her past lives experiences to temper that power or was she just angry cause she though Zaheer had killed her father.

While she fought Zaheer, Bolin and Mako took on Ming and Gazhan for the last time. Mako and Ming's fight was my favorite as Mako finally learned how to get the upper hand by destroying Ming's water arms. I actually though he was done for when he followed her into that lake under the cavern. Ming looked terrifying in the dark with all those water tentacles but then bam Mako zaps her with lightening. Bolin held his own with Gazhan but when it looked like he was beat Mako came in and together they took Gazhan down. Gazhan refusing to go to prison commited suicide and if Ming wasnt dead before she is definitively dead now.


Jinora also showed why she should be an airbending master as she took charge and freed her self and the other airbenders. And after seeing that it might look like Zaheer might kill Korra she led the other benders in making a vortex to ground Zaheer and save Korra.

Su was able to save Korra but in the weeks after the fight she is still wheel chair bound and looks terrible. The show ended with Jinora receiving her tattoos and Tenzinz proclamation that the new air nation would travel the world with Jinora leading them as peacekeepers taking up Korras place while she recovers.


This I think is what people wanted to see in season 1, Korra facing some incredible consequences as a result of trying to save the air nation. And honestly the final shot of her crying in emotion of watching the tattoo ceremony provides a stark contrast to the past season finales. I was in tears as well because it was just so hard to see Korra in that position.

I have no idea where season 4 is going and if the theme will be Korra healing by traveling the world or spending time in the spirit world, but what I do know is that after a perfect season 3 I can't wait for season 4 to premiere.


What did you guys think? What were your favorite moments? And where do you think book 4 is going? On my wish list is a Zuko and Iroh reunion.

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