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Legend of Wonder Woman Brings a Great New Origin Story to Character

Wonder Woman’s origins have changed a lot over the years for better or worse as writers have tried to provide their own take on the character and who she was. Legend of Wonder Woman gives us the origin story that is both familiar with many of its elements but with new an interesting twists to the story. Some minor spoilers in the trailer and below but will try to keep it as unspecific as can for the bigger twists.

Legend of Wonder Woman starts at the very beginning with the origins of the Amazons but takes us through Diana’s childhood as she grows up and ultimately ends up in Man’s World during World War II as a young woman. The story is about Diana finding her place in the world, the mother-daughter relationship between her and Hippolyta, and the a threat to the Amazons and their home. The story takes a lot of elements from Greek mythology and does them right, which is important for a Wonder Woman story.


The island of Themyscira is itself a new interesting take. Here the Greek gods retreated from the violence of the world, bringing the creatures from Greek mythology as well as the Amazons as a way to provide worship to the gods. Rather then being an idealistic paradise, the island is an ever changing living thing full of dangerous creatures that Amazons rarely venture out into from their city.

The Amazons themselves stay close to their origins as an idealized society of women without being perfect to the point of being uninteresting. They are a peaceful society, to the point they have lost much of their warrior culture and now more a people of art and peace. Other then the Immortal leaders, the Amazons are mortals who are blessed with souls of daughters every 10 years by the gods (unlike some much worse version DC has done lately). Despite their idealized society, the Amazons are still prone to the same jealousies, fears, and failings as the rest of us.

In Legend of Wonder Woman, young Diana faces the pressure to become immortal and queen of the Amazons like her mother but its not one she is interested in. Instead she senses a darkness that no one else can that is threatening her land and her people. This leads her to training in secret with Alcippe to become a warrior and to learn the ways of the island. The comic skips over these adventures other then some teases though I would read a whole series about them.

As with all Wonder Woman origins I have seen, things change when the outside world comes to Themyscira in form of the pilot Steve Trevor crashing his plane. Here it is no mere happen stance and marks a darker turn for the comic. Diana, both interested in the outside world and concerned for the safety of her people, ends up being the one to escort Trevor to the magical boundaries of the island. But when things go wrong, Diana finds herself in a strange land that does not value her as much because she is a woman and unsure how to get home. Fortunately she does meet an ally from the old Wonder Woman comics, Etta Candy! Though here she is a much more fleshed out character.


When Diana hears news of dark magic being used on the European front, Diana is given purpose again. However getting to Europe is a bit difficult with a war going on and the military unwilling to enlist a woman. Instead Diana becomes a nurse for the military much like in the Golden Age when Wonder Woman took the identity of the nurse Diana Prince.


The comic is a great read that I think works for all ages. It gives us an interesting look at what made Diana into the great hero we all know. Many of the original Golden Age elements of Wonder Woman’s story are updated to today.

Wonder Woman’s origins are always being revamped, unlike the much more stable origins for Superman or Batman, and could use a strong story like this becoming the definitive version to clear up confusion. DC would be smart to work from this when DC Rebirth comes.


The series is still ongoing but can be picked up at Comixology or your local comic shop.

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