Legends of Tomorrow is still finding it’s stride. The episode was far from perfect, and the characters relationships are still developing. I think it really has potential though, and we started to see some of it tonight. Spoilers Ahoy!

This episode is essentially divided into three main plotlines, so I’m going to go through each one instead of jumping around them.

We start off with Egypt in 1700 BC that we see an attempt on Vandal Savage’s life by Rip Hunter.

In the current time, after the blow of defeat, the team begins doubting Rip Hunter’s plan and they still doubt his leadership abilities. Everything seems to be falling apart right at the very beginning of their adventure. They’re still stuck in 1975 for the time being however, as Kendra is still hurt.


“I’ve seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall.”

After the death of Cater and her own injuries at Savage’s hands, Kenda isn’t doing so well. The shards of the dagger are within her and making their way to hear heart. The MedBay of WaveRider is doing all it can to save her, but perhaps it isn’t enough.


Stein and Ray take a look at her, and Ray suggest using his shrinking tech to get inside and heal her from within. Stein tries to talk Ray out of it, that the technology isn’t fully researched enough to risk it. Ray goes in anyways, believing it to be Kendra’s best shot at improving. It seems to work for a while, and Ray is able to destroy the particles threatening her life, but he eventually has issues with his core containment, and is forced to retreat.


(This is the second Titanic joke made at Stein’s expense. If you didn’t already know, the actor who plays Stein, Victor Garber, was in the film.)

Ray is understandably discouraged. Stein goes from doubting Ray’s abilities and his tech, to encouraging him. He tries to plot how to better navigate Kendra’s system to better fight the effects of the dagger within her. Ray and Stein have a bonding moment, when Stein finally admits that he remembered Ray in his class, but had pretended otherwise because he wanted to “take him down a peg or two.”


Ray tries again to enter Kendra’s body and help her form the inside. He eliminates all the fragments that are endangering her life. When he returns the realized that Stein had lied about remembering him, as the details were off. Stein admit to it, and said all Ray needed was a push, and that he was serious about him being exceptional.

“No matter what, always look out for yourself.”

Meanwhile, the JetShip a pod of the ship in need of repairs, and even though Jax is used to working on cars and not time hopping spaceships, Rip convinces him to repair it anyways. Snart and Rory get close enough to Rip to swipe his access code, and with it tempt Jax to take the JetShip for a test drive back to Central City where they can steal a valuable emerald.


Jax gives into the duo’s coercion, likely just to see if he could actually piolet it. The money from the heist isn’t what he’s really after though. The emerald they stole was the job that would eventually land Snart’s father in jail. Snart wants to get it to his father and prevent that from happening. Both Jax and Rory try to reason with him about the potential downfalls of messing with the timeline, but he remains unmoved.

Snart returns to his once home and walks through it hesitating at touching anything. He runs into a little boy who says his name is “Leo” stressed in cute flannel footie pajamas. He tells him never to let anyone hurt him, every. Then his father catches him. He gives him the emerald and threatens him against hitting his wife and son. The only reason he didn’t kill him yet was because it would mean his sister was never born.

“Killing is never easy, especially for a good man.”

After the team disperses, Sarah goes to him and offers words of advice. She says if you can’t kill your enemy, you should weaken him. She also notes that he wasn’t planning on using that nuke to gain power, but to sell it to gain money. They deduce that if they were to weaken his fortune, at the least it would set back his rise to power by a few decades.


“Fight the Power” by the Isley Brothers plays as Sara and Ray stride into the bank where Savage is holding his money. Rip has a few highly valuable heirlooms and he uses them securing them in a safety deposit box as a pretense for their being there. Sara notices that they don’t buy it though, and she notices all the subtle signs that these are not simple desk jockeys, but trained fighters as well.

They make them as Rip is trying to gain access to the bank’s computer. Sara takes them all down in a whirlwind. They take Black, one of the workers, hostage. Rip and Sara interrogate him trying to gain the knowledge they need to weaken Savage, but he gives them nothing of use. Instead he tells a legend of Gareeb, the one who tried to kill Savage in his first life. Rip relents and tells Sara he has the chance to kill Savage before, but he hesitated.

“All I see is someone who is tortured by an appetite that she cannot control.”

Blake eventually give up something though, a name: the vessel. He tells them exactly where to find it, and says it will be at a ceremony that will be heavily attended by the other followers of Savage. Then he tells them what the vessel is: the cremated remains of Prince Khufu. Rip is enraged, and refuses to let Savage desecrate his remains, and plans to get them back.


They use Blake to get into the event, with Sara as his ‘date’ and Rip as his driver. After gaining entrance, they ditch Blake in the trunk of his own car. Sara again cases the people around the formal event, and they spot mercenaries like those they encountered at the bank. Following them and taking them out leads to Hawkman.

Blake and Savage’s other men capture them and take him to Savage, as he and his men are preparing a ritual of some sort around Hawkman’s body. It is revealed that he kept his body to get a sample of his blood. With the blood, he can extend the lifespan of his followers, by 100 years or so.


“We’re a team, next time remember that.”

Kendra senses the ceremony, and warns Ray and Stein just as they healed her and tells them to go to them and where to go. Stein sends the coordinates to Jax and tell them to meet them there as well. The team kicks the doors in and overwhelms Savage’s men. They get Hawkman’s body out as Rip took on Savage one-on-one. The damage, as we all know, was not permanent. The timeline remains unchanged.

Speaking of unchanged timelines, Snart’s interventions do no alter history either. Two days after Snart left his father, he was caught trying to sell the emerald to an undercover police officer, and was still sentenced to his five years at Iron Heights.


The team holds a funeral ceremony for the Carter they knew. Rip tells them they are a team, and Carter’s death is a reminder that “one person acting along cannot save the world.” Kendra’s words are simpler, “come back to me.”

1986 is the year they are headed to next.

Assorted Musings

I like that Snart went back to try to change his own past. It fits with his character, and if he hadn’t fans would have griped. I equally liked that it didn’t change anything, because then Snart wouldn’t be the same person.


Speaking of Snart, they still seem to underestimate his intelligence.

Maybe they should have just let Snart and Rory case the bank.

Also, I think the Superman/Batman reference was just weird. I know they’ve had a lot of Easter eggs about the Bat family, and even Wayne Enterprises before, but straight up referencing them like that seemed a bit much. Then I thought about the upcoming Flash/Supergirl crossover action got unreasonably excited for a moment and let it pass.


Anyone else get Magic School Bus vibes off of Ray’s adventure?

The dynamic’s of Sara’s bloodlust are interesting, since on Arrow it seemed like Sara’s would be different from Thea’s because of Constantine’s interference.

I mentioned last week that I thought there was a Jonah Hex wanted poster on Rip’s wall. You can see it again when he’s talking to Sara.


(FUTURE SPOILERS: They have cast Jonah Hex for the show. If this was in iO9's Morning Spoilers I must have missed it.)

Here’s another reaction gif to add to that one of Felicity that I will be using in the future: