It’s episode 5, and while the team doesn’t feel like a team just yet, we do get to see some good interactions between unlikely sources and see the foundation for a good team being built. Plus the episode itself was exciting on it’s own. Spoilers ahoy!

At the end of episode four, half the team was taken hostage by Savage’s men. Stein has been brainwashed a bit, he thinks that he’s working on the Firestorm project with Cisco, but he realizes it’s not Cisco when he doesn’t act like him. It’s really Valentine. Savage soon joins them, and threatens him to try and get him to cooperate.

“I took out six men and you guys can’t handle one?”

Stein’s capture is effecting Jax, who can feel his fear and is unable to sleep. The rest of the team is working on how to break the team out of the Nightmare Gulag. It’s Sara’s suggestion that they ask someone who has been in and out of prison, and she further suggests someone from the Bratva. She keeps the goons outside busy while Rip and Snart try and work on the man from the Bratva. Yuri. White Canary saves the day as she is the one Yuri eventually gives the information they need to get into the prison and save the rest of their team.


Rip, Snart, and Sara suit up, and Rip insists that Jax and Kendra stay behind since there the two that Savage wants most at this point. Then while Snart gets ready Rip takes Sara aside to show her the new projection of 2016 should their mission to rescue the others fail. There’s a bunch of Firestorms oppressing Star City. Rip then says they need a backup plan should theirs fail, and that backup should be to kill Stein should it become apparent that they can’t save him.

When Snart and Sara are getting their weapons in order he asks her what Rip really wanted. She denies it was anything special. He then guesses, accurately, that Rip wants her to take out Stein. Honestly, seeing these two debate this moral topic was kind of great. Snart says he never considered taking out a member of his team, no matter if it looks like it’s going sideways. Sara insists that she can’t let that future happen because then all her family is in danger.

“You’re playing chess without all your pieces on the board.”

At the Gulag, Palmer and Rory are standing out like Americans in a Russian Prison. Ray keeps trying to talk to people who don’t want to be talked to, asking questions that he thinks will lead them to stein. He eventually gets punched in the face. Meanwhile, Valentina is still trying to get Stein to cooperate, and shows him the second thermocore she has. He tries to turn the conversation on her by telling her that Savage doesn’t care about Russia, and he’s just using her.


Back on the WaveRider, Jax is still feeling Stein’s emotions, and Kendra then has the idea about sending Stein a message. Jax has her get a knife and cut the words “we’re coming” into his arm, and Stein gets the message just as Valentina starts threatening him. It’s not him they hurt though. They get Ray and Rory out of their cells and hook them up to some batteries of some sort and electrocute them. When that doesn’t work, they start on more brutal means, and Stein relents and says he’ll give them what they want.

Snart, Sara, and Rip infiltrate the Gulag. Snart continues to try and convince Sara not to kill Stein. They get past the guards right as Ray and Rory are being lead out. Sara goes after Stein, but Snart lets her fly solo as he goes after Rory and Ray.


Sara doesn’t think that she’s going to be able to save Stein, and Giddeon is predicting a 99% probability that the USA is going to lose the Cold War; it’s time for plan B. Stein is stalling for time though, by telling Valentina what happens to Russia after the Cold War.

Jax and Kendra go to Rip and tell him they need to be part of the mission. Them getting in will require Jax to run really fast 120 yards in 15 seconds. Meanwhile, Valentina finds the message on Steins arms, and figures out he’s connected to the man on fire. Then she demands that they make a new Firestorm matrix between the two of them.


“It’s you and me, right?”

Snart managed to get into the cell where the others are being held along with some spare guards’ uniforms. He tosses one to Rory and tells him it’s time to get out of there. Ray is out Snart after his beating, that he took after mouthing off to a guard so he’d beat him instead of Rory. Snart tells him to quit being sentimental.

Jax makes it almost all the way before we hear his knee give out, but it’s just enough that he was able to get to the breaker and turn off the power. The power goes off right as Rory is carrying Ray out, ignoring Snart’s protests. Then Snart leaves the two of them, saying he has something important to do. Sara is lining up the shot to take out Stein, when Snart comes over the comm system to talk her out of it.



Kendra catches up to Savage, who again asks her to join him instead. Rip is there with a gun to his head before the two of them can battle it out though. Rip gets his pocketwatch back and then blows the building up to ensure his research into Firestorm is destroyed.

Valentina takes the power from the thermocore and forces a merger with Stein. Valentina isn’t stable as Firestorm though and she goes on a rampage. Jax runs to them and tells Stein he’s stronger than her, that he knows he’s afraid of losing him like he did Ronny, but he can fight her. Valentina tries to blast him, but fails because Stein is able to fight her. Then Jax somehow pulls Stein out of Valentina, and without him to stabilize her she explodes.

“More drinking, less feeling.”


Back on the WaveRider we see the team bonding a bit over drinks. Jax and Stein seem to be building a better relationship now that they know eachother a bit more. Stein even lets Jax have a drink (After Sara points out that the drinking age in Russia is 12 in that year) When she gets Rip alone, Sara says that if she had failed to kill a target while in the Leage it was unforgivable. Rip tells Sara that he liked to think it was her humanity that stayed her hand, but she says that she had some help and looks longingly at Snart.


The moment of piece doesn’t last long though, as the ship comes under attack. Since they’re in the middle of time traveling only one foe could attack them there, and it is Cronos. He fires missiles that crash land the WaveRider in both time and place. It takes Ray and Sara only a few moments to realize they crash landed in Star City, but it’s a disaster. Although they restored the time steam and saved the Star City of 2016, in 2046 it’s in ruins.

Then they’re confronted by an archer in green. Sara is relieved to see Olli at first. Then he fires at them. Ray tries to talk to him as well, but with no difference response than what he gave Sara. He says he doesn’t know any Legends, and as we zoom in we see that the man under the green hood isn’t Ollie at all.


Assorted Musings

I love watching Ray and Rory team up. I have no idea why, they just work together.

I wish I had a gifset of Ray riling up the guard, if you see one, post it in the comment section!


HE SAID THE LINE! THIS MADE MY NIGHT! (I put this at the end because I’m sure there’s plenty of people who haven’t seen that show.)

I’m sure there’s things I missed, I don’t remember seeing any big Easter eggs this episode though. (Well, except the obvious)