Since tonight’s episode is a rerun, there’s still plenty of time to catch up on the most recent Legends of Tomorrow, and I don’t think it’s a spoiler for anyone watching the show to say that the team travels to a time in the past and proceeds to mess things up. Here’s the promo, spoilers after the break.

Night of the Hawk has the team visiting Portland in the year 1959, so that Rip Hunter and team can attack Vandal Savage in a time before the other time they attacked him and failed to do much more than alert him to their existence.

Before the team shows up, a meteorite falls from the sky, causing some drag racing teens to crash, and then Vandal Savage shows up. The two boys are now missing, and the girlfriend of one of them was injured and shook up.

When the team arrives, they demonstrate a complete lack of awareness of what Portland was like in the 1950s, basically a racist utopia. So Ray and Kendra move into a home acting as a married couple, even though the realtor suggests this might not be a good neighborhood to them with overtly racist overtones.

Rip and Hunter pretend to be FBI agents and get what info they can from the local sheriff.


Dr. Stein gets to pretend to be a medical doctor, with Sara acting as his nurse, to work undercover at a local hospital where any crash victims would have been treated, that ends up being run by Vandal Savage, under an alias.

Sara befriends the only nurse (among the real ones anyway) who isn’t just there to get married to a doctor, and brings her 2016 sensibilities to the backwards 1950s. As seen in the clip below.

While her, Stein and Jax meet up at a local diner, the show is good enough to address that the “good old days” weren’t so good for everyone.


After this, Jax is tasked with befriending the girlfriend of one of the missing boys, who luckily happens to be one of the few non-racist people in town and around his age. So he ends up with plans for a date with her, to find out what’s going on, and also to go on a date with a girl his age.


Ray and Kendra manage to find Vandal Savage after he and his wife show up at the door to welcome their new neighbors with a tuna surprise, and invite them to a gathering at their house the next evening. Ray even eats the tuna surprise and mentions it’s pretty good.

So Jax goes on the date, and Ray and Kendra go to Vandal Savage’s house, assuming he won’t try to kill her if she doesn’t seem to have recalled her past lives yet. And as seen in the clips below, Vandal is happy to hit on her even though he’s supposed to be married. There’s the “good ol” 1950s for you.

They find a locked door and later Ray gets his suit and shrinks to sneak in while Vandal is at work at the hospital. Vandal comes back but not before Ray finds the dagger that can kill him and sneaks it out.


Jax and his date are attacked by some winged creatures and she gets her neck torn. As Jax is trying to drive her to the Waverider for some futuristic medical help, he gets pulled over by a cop who is not at all subtle about being a racist. Jax is taken to the hospital where it turns out Vandal is using the meteorite that is made of the same Nth metal that gave him his immortality and Kendra and Carter their multiple lives. This meteorite has a different effect though and turns people into hawk monsters.

Captain Cold and Rip Hunter find the car and the girl so she gets fixed up by Gideon and they figure out what the meteorite is as well.

They all head to the hospital to rescue Jax and try to take down Savage. One of those plans is successful, and I think we all know which. But Jax isn’t quite himself, having been exposed to the meteorite.


Stein is able to come up with an antidote for Jax and the others, so they’re all cured, and Kendra fails to kill Savage but Ray shows up and gives him something to test his immortality on.


Jax tells his new lady friend that she’s too good for this town and her and her recovered boyfriend should both leave and see what else is out there, and he’s not wrong. Then he rejoins Stein, Snart and Hunter on the Waverider, as it gets attacked once again by bounty hunter Chronos.


Meanwhile, Sara says her goodbyes to her new nurse friend, and Ray and Kendra pack up and leave that house they were pretending to be a married couple in. And they arrive just in time to see the Waverider take off in an attempt to escape from Chronos.


And then Legends of Tomorrow gets a mid-season finale, even though it’s not a full length season. The next new episode will be on March 31st.


The episode starts with Rip watching a video of his wife and son and being sad, and with Jax pointing out that Mick is no longer on board and constantly mentioning it to Leonard.


At the end of the episode, he apologizes to Snart and tells him he realizes he did what he had to in order to protect the team. It also doesn’t hurt that he helped save Jax from Savage.

Jax may be the originator of people dipping their fries into a milkshake! Except he did so with strawberry instead of the traditional chocolate.

He also makes a nice Back to the Future reference, calling one of the racist jocks “Biff”, that sadly no one else will get.


Sara meets Nurse Carlisle, who happens to be a lesbian in 1950s Portland, which can’t be the best experience. She gets her to open up, and even kiss her but then Sara freaks out because she hasn’t really been emotional since being resurrected in the Lazarus Pit. So it’s nice that she showed Nurse Carlisle that she can be herself but she also may have inadvertently done more harm than good. Except the part when she saves her life by beating up some bad guys, that was definitely good.

It’s good Stein made a cure for the other kids, but I was really hoping he would join with monster-Jax and then they’d merge into Firestorm and then when they split he’d be back to normal, as a side effect of the Firestorm matrix. Would’ve been cool to see, and I feel that was a missed opportunity.

ETA: I have a new theory to posit. Rip Hunter will end up being responsible for the very formation of the Time Masters. Every single time they go into the past, they break all the rules of time travel. Outside of stopping Savage from gaining power, they really shouldn’t be interfering with any events in the past, but they do. Every. Single. Time. So at some point in the future, when time travel becomes possible, someone will notice that the timeline has been messed with before, and they’ll decide to form an agency to police time travel to prevent this. And eventually the guy who messed with the timeline will join their ranks. Rip Hunter will be the very reason for the organization that is now chasing after him for what he’s doing.


What did you all think?

(Gifs from tomorrowgifs.tumblr, and more in the comments)